Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hi, I'm Nuggett. I'm a two year old Coloured Ryeland ram (I'm the handsome one on the left, these are two of my favourite lady friends) I live on 25 acres in Carmarthenshire with my eight ewes (soon to be joined by some more I've been told) and four horses.
I thought I'd share some of my sheepish tales with you.
Today my owner came into the field and instead of feeding us (we had already had our morning feed but more would have been nice), she informed us somone called 'The Blacksmith' was coming to see the horses. As we don't have any stables near the gate we had to make a pen for them.
We all had great fun with some orange electric netting, climbing over it, sticking our feet in it and chewing it. Eventually our owner decreed it finished and we all went off to fetch the horses.
Now The Horses, we have been informed, are all well and good, if you keep a respectful distance, (they have larger feet than us), so seeing as my ladies are hopefully expecting in the near future we were not permitted to take part in this bit so just followed on behind.
Just as they were being put inside our carefull net construction 'The Blacksmith' phoned to inform us that as it was raining he wasn't coming. (personally I think he should try thicker wool!).
This meant traipsing back down to turn 'The Horses' back onto their winter patch - nowhere near as nice as ours even though they get a shed!!
After all that we had to get back to the hard work of removing all the electric netting, apparantly we might get stuck in it - must think were stupid or something!!
As a reward for all our hard work we did get a couple of extra scoops of sheep nuts. Yum!!